Dr. Gunta Caldwell – Director

Dr Gunta Caldwell – Chiropractor, NET practitioner, Nutritionist, Psychotherapist

I work differently to most health practitioners.

Even though some of my work comes from the paradigm of structural corrections, biochemistry or the chemistry of the human body, a large part of the work I do operates from the paradigm of holistic healh

Viewing the body holistically means we are able to address the whole body and work with balancing it so that it works optimally.

My goal is to support my clients to achieve this.


Dr Gunta Caldwell graduated as a Chiropractor in 1974 and gained her Post Grad. Diploma in Nutrition in 1984.

Gunta began using NET in her practice in 1988 and obtained a Psychotherapy Diploma in 1998. In 2001, Gunta obtained a Proficiency Certificate in Energy Medicine which she now uses to further determine a patient’s health. This is not a Chiropractic modality and does not have a strong evidence base.

Gunta received her NET certification in 2008 in the USA and is one of a small number of chiropractors in Australia with this qualification. NET does not have a strong evidence base. Please visit www.netmindbody.com

Gunta’s Book – On Silver Wings

This is a story my story, but I feel it can only have value if I can bring to the world the purpose of this story.

My children and I don’t see ourselves as victims or that we may be trapped in our past experiences. We have lived through this time and grown with the experience.

This does not mean that we no longer have any issues related to this time and therefore free of the past.

What it does mean is that we have embraced our life circumstances and looked at the possibilities that this time has given us. It has shown us how our community struggles with death and through fear of dying struggle to embrace what dying can give to us and the grace that can come with this deep learning experience.

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