Walk within workshop – 6th April 2014

Stuck within your mountain, by Dr. Gunta Caldwell

Ever asked yourself why do you feel so powerless, so angry, so fearful , so unlovable or any other of a myriad  of emotions?
Ever wondered why people always take advantage of you, take you for granted or expect to receive but never give?
Or have you ever  felt as if no matter what you do you can never get your relationship “right” with your loved one – partner, child, parent or friend?
Or, have you ever felt as if no matter how hard you try and no matter how much effort you put into your work situation it is never appreciated, never seen as enough or maybe not even seen!
Or that co-worker/friend/ loved one who always seems to irritate you in some way and again there is no escaping this situation?
If you can relate to any one  of these scenarios or situations then I would love to see you at my workshop.
I have been using a simple technique with my clients in my private practice for many years. It is amazing that when we see our problem from a completely different perspective and are able to work this problem through an enlightened lens how clear the solution for ourselves becomes.
The workshop consists of:

  • I provide a worksheet and explain the method 
  • I lead you through the process and I like to take a participant through the process so that it becomes clear what’s involved
  • I guide you to the outcome

This is an exciting workshop because it is a unique process that suddenly opens the way for you to be able to embrace a  fulfilling life filled with possibilities rather than probabilities. 
In other words you start to love yourself and believe in yourself to be able to live your destiny!

shambhalaWHEN : Sunday 6th April
TIME : Registration at 9.15 
           Start : 9.30 am and finish at 12.30 pm
WHERE :  Shambhala Wellbeing Centre
                       1 / 14 Salmon Street, Port Melbourne
INVESTMENT :  $145.00

Looking forward to seeing you there to start you on your road to self discovery!
Warm Regards,
Gunta Caldwell
Registered Chiropractor, Certified in NET, psychotherapist

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